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  • How to prepare for the DAMA CDMP exam? My experience…

    How to prepare for the DAMA CDMP exam? My experience…

    Update From the Dama website: "CDMP Status – On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Board of Directors met for the first time as a full Board. One of the topics discussed was the current CDMP testing process. Based on a) experiences setting up and holding the three chapter-hosted boot camps in the last month, and b) […]

  • Cloud Mining – How Much Passive Income Can You Make?

    Cloud Mining – How Much Passive Income Can You Make?

    About Cryptocurrency Mining Cloud mining is profitable, I have tried it. The question is, what is the return on investment and when will you get your money back? Considering mining fees, contract duration and many other factors, it’s hard to guess which site offers the best cloud mining contracts. And what about reinvestment opportunities? Well, […]

  • Docker Concepts Plugged Together (for newbies)

    Docker Concepts Plugged Together (for newbies)

    Although Docker looks like a promizing tool facilitating project implementation and deployment, it took me some time to wrap my head around its concepts. Therefore, I thought I might write another blog post to summarize and share my findings. Docker Container & Images Docker is an application running containers on your laptop, but also on […]

  • Explain React Concepts & Principles, Because I Am Not A UI Specialist

    I have been reading React’s documentation, but found it to take too many shortcuts regarding the descriptions of concepts and how they related to each other to understand the whole picture. It is also missing a description of the principles it relies on. Not everyone is already a top-notch Javascript UI designer. This post is […]

  • Creating An OpenShift Web/Spring Application From The Command Line

    Creating An OpenShift Web/Spring Application From The Command Line

    OpenShift offers online functionalities to create applications, but this can also be achieved from command line with the RHC Client Tool. For windows, you will first need to install RubyGems and Git. The procedure is straightforward. Git SSL Communication  OpenShift requires SSL communication between local Git repositories and the corresponding server repositories. Generating SSH Keys for

  • September 21-22-23, 2013 – Search Queries Not Updated in Google Webmaster Tools

    This week-end, many people have started reporting the same issue in Google’s Webmaster Forum: no more daily search queries information updates. For most, the data reporting stopped on September 23, 2013, but I have observed this since September 22, 2013. Yesterday, a top contributor has announced that this issue had been "escalated to the appropriate Google […]

  • Best Responsive Design Breakpoints

    Best Responsive Design Breakpoints

    While trying to find an answer to my own question: "What are the best responsive design breakpoints?", I have performed a small statistical study over SmartPhone screen widths (portrait and landscape) using information provided by i-skool. The above table shows how often a specific SmartPhone width in the source data is reported. There are five […]

  • Sep 4th, 2013 – Sudden Drop In Traffic – A Thin Or Lack Of Original Content Ratio Issue?

    Many people have reported a sudden drop in traffic to their websites since September 4th, 2013. Google Webmaster forum is full of related posts. A Webmaster World thread has been started. Search Engine Roundtable mentions ‘early signs of a possible major Google update’. A group spreadsheet has been created. No one seems to make sense of […]

  • Encode & Decode URL Parameters In Java

    A small code example describing how to encode and decode URL query strings properly from Java. The code example is available from GitHub in the in the Java-Core-Examples directory. String paramValue = "with spaces and special &!=; characters"; String encoded = URLEncoder.encode(paramValue, "UTF-8"); String decoded = URLDecoder.decode(encoded, "UTF-8"); System.out.println(paramValue);

  • FreeMarker Reminders

    A small post to aggregate notes related to FreeMarker. Accessing Parameter Inside A Directive The following piece of code: <#assign myVar = ${myValue}-1> will trigger the following exception: Exception in thread "main" freemarker.core.ParseException: Encountered "{" … One should not use ${…} inside a FreeMarker directive, but rather: <#assign myVar = myValue – 1 >

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