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  • Securing A Service And JSP Pages

    Securing A Spring Service When a service is implemented in Spring, it can be secured with the @Secured annotation. It has a parameter where the list of roles can be defined. In order to enable this annotation, one must add the the following line in the Spring Security configuration XML file:   <security:global-method-security secured-annotations="enabled"/> A […]

  • Online Content: Quality, Ranking And Promotion

    This post is a summary of thumb rules collected here and there and personal experience about content posted online. It is a living document that I will update from time to time: Love the content or have a genuine passion for it! – People notice when you are being authentic and passionate, or not. Content […]

  • Introduction To Java EE Concepts

    Introduction To Java EE Concepts

    This post aims at clarifying acronyms and concepts used in the Java EE paradigm, where EE stands for Entreprise Edition. It enables the creation of modular Java applications to be deployed on application servers. It relies on Java SE, a core set of Java libraries upon which all Java applications are implemented. General Concepts Before […]

  • Anatomy Of The Default OpenShift Spring Web Application

    Anatomy Of The Default OpenShift Spring Web Application

    OpenShift lets users create different kind of applications by using cartridges, including Spring applications running on JBoss EAP6. As confirmed by Kazaag on StackOverflow, porting a Spring application developed on Tomcat 7 on JBoss EAP6 should not be a hassle, especially if Tomcat specific features are not used in the application. The purpose of this […]

  • What Is JNDI, SPI, CCI, LDAP And JCA?

    JNDI stands for Java Naming and Directory Interface. It is an API to providing access to a directory service, that is, a service mapping name (strings) with objects, reference to remote objects or simple data. This is called binding. The set of bindings is called the context. Applications use the JNDI interface to access resources. […]

  • Generating SSH Keys For TortoiseGit On Windows

    This post is a collection of links explaining how to create SSH keys on Windows using PuTTY. These can be configured in TortoiseGit to enable secured SSL connection to OpenShift Git repositories (for example). I encountered a .ssh directory access issue while performing a push with TortoiseGit. I was missing a proper $HOME environment variable […]

  • About The Meaning Of Colours…

    This post collects a couple of ‘good’ posts about the meaning and psychology of colours: Psychological Properties Of Colors Color Psychology The Pyschology Of Colour How Do Colors Affect Purchases? Goethe On Colours As someone said: "Never use pure black, it does not exist in nature!"

  • How To Create A Focussable Image Button?

    Surprizingly, it has not been that easy to create a focussable image button. There is a lot of incongruent information available out there. Hence, this post. The solution is quite simple when you know it: <html> <head></head> <body> <script> function doSomething() { alert(‘Hello!’); } </script> <input type="image" tabindex="0" onclick="doSomething()" src

  • Spring Selenium Tests With Annotations

    This post describes how to implement Selenium tests in Java. It is inspired from the post by Alex Collins, with annotations. The code is available on GitHub in the Spring-Selenium-Test directory. Some alternative and much lighter techniques are available to unit test a Spring MVC application. To unit test services, see here. Page, Configuration & […]

  • Javascript Variable Scope Caveats

    I ran into a strange Javascript variable scope issue. I am not satisfied with the documentation I found so far, hence this post: A variable aaa declared outside of a function is global. If a function f1 declares a aaa variable in its code using var, all modifications made to this variable is local and […]

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